New varieties of roses on sale 2020

Breeders present their new varieties of roses at different times. It depends on many aspects. But it’s not about them. We offer you the name of the rose variety, the breeder, the group to which the flower belongs and, of course, photos of the new 2020 rose varieties that went on sale this season.  

D. Austin Roses 

EMILY BRONTË – bush (shrub)


TOTTERING BY GENTLY – bush (shrub)

Kordes roses

Amica ® – bush rose (shrub)

Coral Lions Rose -floribunda 

Courib®- tea-hybrid

Crimson Siluetta® –  climber rose

Fräulein Maria – flribunda

Gräfin Elke zu Rantzau – floribunda

Ile de Fleurs – shrub

Impala® – floribunda

 Lavender Siluetta® – climber rose

Mango® – floribunda

Peach Melba- Climbing

Pink Forest Rose -floribunda


SEE YOU® in pink – floribunda

See You in red -floribunda

Sunny Siluetta®- climber

Sweet Siluetta® – Climbing

Vulcano – Tea Hybrid

Roses Tantau

Lilac Topaz® – miniature 

Skyline® -climber rose

Pinocchio® – patio rose

Orienta® Aladdin – climber rose

Orienta Aladdin – shrub

Orienta Laila – shrub

Orienta® Djamila – shrub

Orienta Magnolia – shrub

Naranga – climber rose

Bienen weide® Fruity – miniature

Modern Art® – hybrid tea

Theodor Fontane Rose® – miniature

Desirée® – hybrid tea

Pacific Blue® – hybrid tea

Hot Lady® – hybrid tea

Strandperle® Amrum – groundcover

Strandperle® Norderney – groundcover 

Starlet® -Rose Natalie® – Climber

Marietta® -Tea Hybrid

Wildberry® – Tea Hybrid

Tropicana® – Tea Hybrid

Matthias Claudius Rose – shrub

Roses Jackson and Perkins

Show Your Stripes -groundcover rose

Honey Bee Lovely – Groundcover rose

Alex’s Lemonade Stand – grandiflora

Like No Other – floribunda

Roses Delbar

Camaïeu® Jaune – border (patio)

Rosier Jardin des Tuileries® Le rosier Tige – floribunda

Rose Clos Vougeot® – tea-hybrid

Thierry Marx® – floribunda

This, of course, is not the entire list . But, you must admit that the new varieties of roses put up for sale in 2020 are simply magnificent. 

Enjoy your cultivation!

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