News. Roses. Adelaide, Australia – October 2017

23 exhibitions of roses in the world took place in 2017. The results of each of them give us, rosewoods, the opportunity to choose the best varieties for planting at home. The criteria for assessing roses are important to us because the technical data of plants are often the main characteristic for buying a variety. Of course, many gardeners choose plants for their beauty, and only then assess the possibilities, and this is also a choice too.

Adelaide, Australia – October 2017

Gold medal. Best rose. Tea-hybrid rose from Meilland does not yet have an official name, there is only a number – 5063-99-10. We hope that she will soon have a name. At this exhibition, she also took the Merion de Boehme Prize, the award from Hamilton Gardens as the best tea-hybrid rose, the Irwin award as a steady rose against pests and diseases.

Gold medal. The best rose floribunda from the roses of Kordes and its name is Bordeaux. In addition, gold was given to her for the swing and red coloring and the Rose Hills Perpetual Challenge Bowl.

Silver medal. The best rose floribunda (form and color) from roses Kordes. The name of the medalist is Coconut Ice.

Silver medal. Coloring. Rosa floribunda from Kordes under the name Garden Friend.

Bronze took a rose from Meilland. It is not yet in the catalogs of the company and the name is only code – 7076-10-CP.

Another bronze in the rose Meilland with the code 5112-05-02 for the shape and color of the flower. She belongs to the group of floribunda.

The next bronze is the yellow climber from Warner from England. The name of the rose is High Life.

The fourth bronze was the climbing rose (climber) Florentina from Cordes for shape and swing, coloring.

The certificate of merit for an unusual coloring was given to the rose Kordes Fire Opal.

The next quality certificate for coloring went to Rose with the code KNI 008. She is a tea-hybrid rose from the company Knight’s Roses.

The quality certificate, the Gifu Governor’s Award and the People’s Choice from WFRS gave Meilland rose with the code 5494-97-X1.

A certificate of quality received the rose of Kordes  – Fascination for height and color. She’s from the floribund group.

A certificate of quality was received for the aroma of rose Wollerton Old Hall, Rose D. Austin.

The quality certificate, a trophy from Gérald Meylan Perpetual as the best shrub and ground cover, the Davis trophy as the best Australian selection, the award from the sponsors of the National Australian Rose Community. She still has the code 4052, and the breeder Brundrett from Australia.

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