There is nothing nicer than taking a warm shower after a hard day. Especially after a hot summer day. To do this, you can use the outdoor shower on the site. Almost everyone tries to equip such a shower in the country. Design can be as diverse as the materials from which it is made. Structurally, an outdoor shower can be complex or simple. 

Outdoor showers

What to consider when equipping an outdoor shower on a site

  • Use

Most summer residents and homeowners use an outdoor shower for rinsing. But now many are making it a full-fledged place for swimming with a bath. 

  • Accommodation

The choice of the place where the bathing place will be equipped depends on how convenient it should be in every sense.

  • Confidentiality

This item indicates whether the owners want to use such a shower in bathing suits or not.

  • Drainage

This item involves the use of natural drainage or the creation of artificial. 

If you decide to use an outdoor shower on the site, not only to wash off the dust with plain water, but also to clean yourself (with soap and shampoo) or just soak up the evening birds singing, then you will need to globally consider all 4 points described above . 

First you need to arrange a drain, which should be connected to the sewer. This is necessary so that household chemicals do not harm the plants growing around the summer shower, and do not change the composition of the soil for the worse. Outdoor shower with bath in the area involves privacy. Materials for construction can be very diverse: from a stone wall to dense curtains. You must also make sure that no one will peep at you from above if the shower is without a roof. 

Such a shower for the summer can be placed in the corner of the site, near the wall, where there is access to warm water (bathroom or kitchen) or make it autonomous. Also, take into account the general style of the site, at home. Many people make this place original and unique: they use wine bottles, tree trunks, unusual and unusual things to build. There are versions of the shower that allow you to collect and disassemble it as needed (for example, hide it in the utility room for the winter period). But it’s more like showers than bathing places. 

Why equip an outdoor shower on a site

Most often, an outdoor shower is installed on a summer residence. And these structures at summer residents are rather compact and inconspicuous due to the fact that they are designed to wash off the dust and sweat of a workday, and not to have fun. Yes. In most cases, they are clearly used only for quick rinsing. But there are reasons that will convince you to equip a stationary outdoor shower on the site. 

  • An outdoor shower will help wash children after outdoor games, and the house will be left without dirty marks. This will solve the problem of children who do not like to wash: in a summer shower in the open air, under warm streams of water, they will readily wash themselves. 
  • If you have a crowd of guests, then a bathing place on the street will not let them feel deprived of the attention of the owners. 
  • Pets, especially large dogs, can turn the bathroom in the house into a very wet and dirty place. Outdoor shower on the street will save you from cleaning after your pet. 
  • To quickly cool and relax tired muscles, a summer shower will help athletes, lovers of running in the morning. 
  • Gardeners are delighted that they can wash off the dirt after work. 
  • In the heat at any time in the summer shower you can easily freshen up, having run there for a couple of minutes.
  • You can always wash away dirt from shoes or tools in it.
  • Those who live near the beaches will appreciate such a shower very quickly: sand and dirt.
  • An outdoor shower is suitable for those who have a pool. 
  • In the end, a summer bathing place can be a place of enjoyment where you can treat yourself. 

As you can see, the summer shower on the site has many advantages. He is an assistant, he is a relaxation. With it, the house will remain clean, and you are satisfied. After all, you don’t have to strain to get out or satisfy unexpected guests.

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