variety of patio roses

The roses of the patio were singled out in a separate group of roses quite recently, namely in the 80s of the 20th century. They were separated from the roses floribunda as the smallest growth (but not all dwarfs floribunda moved to patio-roses – some remained). The first grades of the patio steel Meteor, Tip Top, Marlena, Stargather, Baby Bio. Such brands as, for example, Gentle Touch, Sweet Magic, Sweet Dream, belong to the title ” Best Rose of the Year ”.

Rose patios are not considered an autonomous group of roses. In the catalogs they are more often referred to as floribunda roses, then to miniature roses. The main features that distinguish the patio from floribunda and miniature ones are the sizes of flowers and leaves. Concerning the first, they are smaller, and relatively second, the patio-roses have flowers and leaves more. These ” roses ” are certainly suitable for small gardens, narrow mixborders and for growing in containers. If you decide to grow a patio-roses, they are quite easy to care for and unpretentious.

They grow, forming dense compact bushes, 30-60 cm high. Roses of the patio look very beautiful on the stems up to 1 m high. Blossom roses patio throughout the season. Coloring flowers is very diverse. By the number of petals in a flower, they can be simple and terry. The shape of the flower can be flat, rosette, cup-shaped, pomponous, etc. The size of the flowers is small: the largest ones can reach 5 cm, and the smallest ones – half the size.

When buying a seedlings of any roses on the label, there should be at least such information: color of the flower, aroma, number of petals, flower size, plant height, leaf size, growth pattern, resistance to diseases and cold and rewards.

Some variety of patio roses:

Anna Ford, Cider Cup, Conversation, Festival, Ginger Nut, Honey Bunch, Little Bo-Peep, Perestroika, Sonnen Kind, Pretty Polly, Pink Symphony, Queen Mother, Ray of Sunshine, Red Pascal, Rosy Future, Shine on, Strawberry Fayre, Sunseeker, Dushess  of York, Sweet Dream, Sweet Magic, Top Marks…

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