Pergona is a novelty in landscape design.

Humanity is constantly progressing and in everything. The mind and ingenuity are manifested not only in medicine or physics, technology or the visual arts, but also in the landscape design of a garden or park. This refers not to plants, but to means of decorating space. Such progress is caused by the rapid growth of megalopolises, in which less space remains for plants and other beauty.

It’s about the pergon. It is possible that someone already invented this for his garden a long time ago, but only recently this thing began to appear in an urban environment. What is the word pergona? Pergona is a metal mesh frame filled with pebbles, gravel, special decorative glass or any other material. The function is a fence to help divide the space into zones.


Why do you need to use such a thing in your garden?

  1. Pergona is a sure thing. The finished sections are made firmly and honestly and are able to withstand both bad weather and “harmful pens.” In the first case, the rubble-filled pergon should not be drowned or deflated. In the second case, “pens” except that with a grinder will harm this installation.
  2. No global concrete work is required to assemble the structure. And it takes a little time.
  3. You can play with colors and textures of fillers, creating complex patterns.
  4. Just take care of the pergon. Repair does not require large expenses, and in the spring, a rocky or glass filler is washed directly with a stream of water from a hose.
  5. You can “play” with such walls whenever you want.

In addition to the above advantages of pergon, there are other useful ways to use these pieces. For example, on the site is a shed for choppers, rakes, buckets and the like. So, behind such a wall you can hide the barn and any other ugly outbuildings. A creative solution would be to erect a fence from sections or create a gazebo using pergons. In general, in the landscape design of gardens, parks, squares, this thing has a great future.

Can I make a pergon myself? Yes. Depending on the filler, choose the thickness of the bar for the frame. Remember, the finer the filler, the smaller the honeycomb size. Pergona is a metal frame of a rectangular shape, in fact, a wall, only bulk. Well, everything is simple here, we weld and install, and fall asleep. Of course, you can experiment with the material for the skeleton, but not worth it. Metal is the best option.

Have a nice installation!

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