kak-pravilno-posadit-rozu-12Anybody know about that rose is queen of plants. Rose is a capricious plant compared, for example, with tagetes or marigolds, but not enough to abandon it in its garden. In order to plant a rose correctly, you only need to know its biology.
Roses are warm and light-loving: the rose hip is also a rose, but grows even beyond the Arctic Circle. Hence, there are roses that have been bred for such areas of the Earth. Choose a part in the garden where the roses will not be cold and not hot. It should be well ventilated, but not be north or northeast. The zone should be sunny, especially in the morning. The stagnation of water on this land, where the rose will grow, is inadmissible in spring and summer after the rain. Groundwater should not be closer to the surface than 1.5 m. If the water leaves slowly, then drainage is needed. Well-fertilized medium loamy soils are the best for roses. If the soil is heavy clay, then improve it by adding sand, light sandy soils weight, adding clay, turf ground. Necessarily add organic fertilizers, for example, cow manure.
Roses can be on their own roots or grafted. Root-owned roses are grown from seedlings or cuttings, while grafted ones are planted with a cultivar on the root system of the rosa canina. It is unequivocal to answer the question, which ones can be better. Both of them have their shortcomings and dignities. For example, grafted roses are more winter-hardy, and root-growth roses do not give wild growth.

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How to distinguish the grafted rose from the root? The place of inoculation is a thickening, which is always higher than the root neck of the grafted rose. In any case, a good seedling has a developed root system, with a mass of thin rootlets and an overgrown overground part. Shoots with bending produce a characteristic crunch and easily break. Do not buy a seedling with two or three thick, clumsy roots. Since this means that the stock is old, so the survival rate will be very weak. Remember, the younger the plant, the easier it adapts to the new conditions. It is better to plant 1-2 year old seedlings. Do not buy also those who have wrinkled bark and dry roots.

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And so, how to plant a rose correctly? At the beginning, you should dig a hole of this size so that the roots of the rose can fit freely there. Then in the pit it is necessary to make a mound and to establish on it the roots of a flower, smoothly straightening them. After that it is necessary to fall asleep with earth, periodically sealing the earth with your hands. But, before planting, you should carefully inspect the seedling itself and cut too long, dry and damaged roots. And also stems, leaving on each of 3-5 kidneys. Remember, the grafted rose must be planted so that the place of grafting was under the ground by 5-7 cm. Otherwise, after 1-2 years, you will grow an excellent canina rose. When the rose was planted, make a hole around it and pour it abundantly.

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