In almost every garden that is created in our time, there is always water flowing from the fountain or water that sways gently and calmly in the pond. But are all expiring obligations taken into account later by the owners of the reservoir in the garden? There are many points to be aware of having your own pond. In order not to fight later with ourselves, it is better to know all the pros and cons and choose the best option for the water element.

  • Think about whether you need a pond
  • If you still decide, get to know them to the maximum.
  • Dimensions
  • Design ideas
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Plants
  • Technical equipment
  • Living creatures
  • Care

We also offer answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have a large garden, and can you take a lot of space under the pond in the garden or is it better to use a mini pond?
  • Where is the right place for a pond?
  • Should the pond be a natural part or artificial and unusual?
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Example of an artificial pond

Since ponds – large or small – are practically present in almost every garden created by a professional, it would be nice to consult with such a person. In addition, you can get other tips about your ideas. In the landscape design of the garden, each element plays its own note, but in a general symphony.

However, often the services of landscape clever people can not afford. Read the literature in this case. In it you can find almost all the answers. But then be prepared for the fact that there is a lot of literature and articles in landscape design magazines about the arrangement of a pond in the garden …

And now you are ready to build a pond on your site because you know everything that it consists of. The next step is the acquisition of materials and decorations. The market offers such a choice that the eye is lost: it’s cheap and cheerful, and it’s expensive not to get it. How to choose the right one and what not to save on?

Try not to always respond to the “share!”. Sometimes such a product was in stock for a very long time and was stored incorrectly. And this means that he partially lost his properties. For example, the form for the bottom of the reservoir stood in a sunny place. The “shed” color says that the material from which it is made has lost at least elasticity. In winter, during severe frosts, it can crack if you do not plan to cover the pond for cold weather. But this is not a rule, but rather an exception that does not apply to everything that is sold. Another example of a stock you can buy plants. This step is taken when the season is almost over, and many plants remain. However, the choice suffers – there is a possibility that you don’t buy what you wanted.

This begs the question, do you want everything to match one another in the landscape design of your garden, or are you willing to compromise? Perhaps the most important thing has already been said. It remains to summarize what you need to know when arranging a pond in the garden? So:

1. The willingness to care for the lake by the owners themselves is the most important point because often they do not follow the pond, and it becomes sloppy, at least, and as a maximum, the distributor of all kinds of infections.

2. Is there enough space for a body of water “mounted” in the ground, or do we have a small fountain

3. By our own design or by the development of a landscape designer

4. Materials and plants, and their purchase

And then we make a body of water in the garden either on our own or with the help of a team of builders. Choose you. We wish you success !!!

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