Popular groups of roses, a brief description and characteristics.

Hybrid tea roses

розы чайно-гибридные фото

Tea-hybrid rose

Hybrid tea roses are the most popular group of varieties that are grown both in the form of a bush and in the form of a stumb tree. In a typical tea-hybrid rose, the flowers are large or medium-sized with numerous petals, and the flower-bearing stems are long. Flowers on the shoot, as a rule, one or more lateral buds.

Floribunda roses


цветок floribunda фото

Floribunda rose

Roses floribunda – bloom more than tea-hybrid, but as plants are more reliable. The flowers of these plants are collected in racemose inflorescences, although not as beautiful as the tea-hybrid ones. Very nice look in the plantings on the flower beds.

Roses Patio

Роза patio фото

Patio rose

Roses patio – is separated from the group of floribunda in the 80 years of the twentieth century. This popular group includes many popular varieties, which are low-growing plants no more than 50 cm tall. They can be planted in pots and tubs, as well as in the foreground of the curb.

Miniature roses

миниатюрные розы фото

Miniature rose

Miniature roses are popular because of its novelty and the variety of its varieties. Miniature roses can be grown in tubs, on a rock garden, as indoor plants or at the edges of flower beds. Miniature roses are characterized by small leaves and the height of plants under normal conditions does not exceed 40 cm.

Rambling & Climbing roses

Climbing roses are a group of roses that require podpora. Among them there are varieties with long flexible stems and small flowers. They are collected in large racemose inflorescences, and they bloom once a season. Also, there are varieties with large flowers and stems, or they can bloom several times a season. They include Rambling roses & Climbing roses.

Grandiflora roses

Розы Grandiflora фото

Grandiflora rose

Roses of Grandiflora. The ancestor of this group of roses is Queen Elizabeth. Flowers in shape are similar to tea-hybrid roses. Large and, as a rule, collected in various inflorescences. They have a long and abundant flowering. The bushes are tall, spreading with numerous foliage. They are more winter-hardy and resistant to diseases than tea-hybrids. They can be used for gardening, forcing and cutting.

Kordes roses

Kordes розы фото

Kordes rose

Roses Kordesa. The creator of this group of roses is the famous German breeder W. Kordes. Flowers are distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors. Bloom abundantly until late autumn. Winter-resistant and resistant to disease.

Hybrid roses of rugosa

Морщинистая роза фото

rosa Rugosa

Hybrid roses of rugosa, or of Japsanese roses. Flowers medium and large, different colors, with a strong flavor, solitary or collected in inflorescences of 3-6 pieces. Blossom for a long time. Bushes are decorative. Very hardy, resistant to disease. They are unpretentious.

These are not all major groups of roses, the rest are read in the following parts. But this is the most purchased group of roses in the world.

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