Proper pruning of miniature roses

Trimming miniature roses, like other roses, is performed from mid-February to the end of March. The flowers of these roses appear on the growths of the current year and therefore they need an annual moderate or relatively strong pruning. We remind you that the timing of pruning rose bushes may vary depending on local soil and climatic conditions.

The first year of pruning roses

обрезка миниатюрки картинка

In miniature roses, each branch is shortened, leaving 2-4 buds on it (approximately 15 cm from soil level). Although, very often you can find recommendations for applying strong pruning to this group of roses in the first year after planting. For example, it is not necessary to apply strong pruning, but it is better to form a plant for the first time with moderate pruning. In principle, this is a true statement. I explain why. Miniature roses with an open root system root for a long time after transplantation. Here you need to use a moderate way of forming a rose bush. After trimming, 4-6 buds or 20 cm from the soil level should remain on the stem. A little better for miniatures, if they were bought in a container – in this case, the plant is reloaded, and its roots are kept intact. Plus for such a rose is the absence of stress for the root system. This time you can use strong cropping. But it’s best to use a moderate method.

Miniature roses very often form powerful shoots that violate the symmetry of the bush. To maintain balanced rose growth, they must be removed during early spring pruning. If this type of shoots appear constantly, then mini-roses must be cut differently.

After planting a rose bush in February-March, all the main annual root branches shorten by about a third. And the side branches are cut so that 2-3 buds or 10-15 cm remain from their base. In order to prevent the bush center from thickening, strong growths on old stems are cut out completely, or they are shortened to 3-5 buds from their base. In summer, strong shoots grow at the base of the bush. On those that are smaller, flowers bloom. To maintain constant flowering, summer pruning is used.

Second and subsequent years

The pruning of miniature roses is such – weak and unnecessary stems are completely removed. The rest is shortened to 3-4 kidneys or 10-15 cm from the base. If you recall the previous articles about pruning, you will find that miniature roses are pruned almost like tea-hybrid roses with repair roses.

Summing up everything written here, I must say that pruning miniature roses is pretty simple. It is only necessary to clearly use the tool and not cut off too many shoots. The bush should look neat and not grow inward.

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