Pruning Hybrid Tea roses in pictures

Pruning tea-hybrid roses involves the main task. This is a stimulation of the formation of strong basal shoots. And the formation of a bush with an open center, and evenly spaced branches. Since these roses bloom on the growth of the current year, they need an annual moderate or relatively strong pruning. It must be carried out from mid-February to the end of March. Dates may vary depending on local soil and climatic conditions.

In the first year, each branch of tea hybrid and repair roses is shortened, leaving 2-4 buds on it (approximately 15 cm from the soil level). Thus, you stimulate the formation of strong basal shoots. If the soil on which your roses grow is too sandy and not very rich in nutrients, more moderate pruning should be used. After pruning, 4-6 buds or about 20 cm from the soil level should remain on the stem. Next year, you can already apply strong pruning for the plant.

обрезка чайно гибридной розы схема

From mid-February to the end of March, it is necessary to cut each stalk into 2-4 buds (15 cm from the soil level). And at the end of July, new shoots should grow.

обрезка розы схема

In September-October, blooming stems are shortened and all unripe, non-blooming are cut

In the second, and all subsequent years, hybrid tea and repair roses are pruned moderately. The most powerful stems shorten up to 4-6 buds or 20 cm from the soil, and the rest – up to 2-4 buds or 15 cm from the ground. This pruning gives the best results. In addition, in rose plants, as they age, 2-3 stems per year are completely cut out.

обрезка розы середина февраля картинка

The middle of February and until the end of March of the second year of plant growth, strong stems are cut off for 4-6 buds (20 cm from the ground), and the remaining lateral ones are shortened to 2-4 buds (15 cm from the soil)

укорачивание стеблей картинка

In autumn, in September-October, flowering stems and all non-lignified shoots are shortened.

Some varieties of tea-hybrid and repairing roses bloom only on the tops of powerful stems, which reach a height of 1.5-1.8 m. Such roses are formed on a horizontal support, or stuck to the ground. In the first year, after planting such roses, they are treated like ordinary hybrid tea or repair roses. And in the second year, after the first flowering season, strong new root shoots are nailed down. Also remove half of the old and unnecessary stems. The same must be done with weak, dead or diseased stems. For 2-3 buds (up to 10-15 cm from the soil level), the remaining lateral shoots are shortened. Such an operation for the next year will ensure branching of the attached stems, which will bloom well and look great. In the third year, all old pinned branches are removed.

In the first year after planting, all flowering branches are completely cut out from the plant. Only strong root branches of this year are left. In addition, shoots are bent at a height of 15 cm from the soil and pinned. Lateral shoots are cut to 2-3 buds and remove unnecessary side branches.

сгибание побегов у чайно гибридной розы

In the autumn of the second year after the roses bloom, half of the pinned shoots must be cut off and the strong branches that have grown from the middle of the bush should be sawed. Trim the weak shoots, and shorten the side shoots by 2-3 buds. Lateral branches with an inconvenient location must be cut.

обрезание чайно гибридной розы второй год

Pruning tea hybrid roses of the first year does not require much effort. In the second year and all subsequent years, pruning is almost no different. In summer, one should not forget about the removal of faded flowers in order to stimulate the appearance of new ones. And when pruning in the winter, they cut off all old and unnecessary branches thickening the crown, and young ones should be shortened by 2-4 buds or 15-20 cm from the soil level. It is necessary to remember about the correct tilt of the cut, and the cutting itself should be carried out only with a sharp and clean tool.

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