Rosa Alba and other old garden roses

Rosa Alba

Presumably this ancient group came from a rose of Gallic and a dog’s rose. Shoots erect, attractive bluish-gray foliage. Delicate and fragrant semi-double and non-marbled flowers appear in the summer once with a single flowering wave. Roses alba are hardy, reliable and resistant to disease.

  • Rosa ‘Alba Foliacea’
  • Rosa ‘Alba Maxima’
  • Rosa ‘Alba Semi-plena’
    koenigin von daenemark

    rose Koenigin von Daenemark

  • Rosa ‘Alba’ Suaveolens’
  • Rosa ‘Amélia’
  • Rosa ‘Belle Amour’
  • Rosa ‘Blanche de Belgique’
  • Rosa ‘Céleste’
  • Rosa ‘Chloris’
  • Rosa ‘Félicité Parmentier’
  • Rosa ‘Great Maiden’s Blush’
  • Rosa ‘Jeanne d’Arc’
  • Rosa ‘Königin von Dänemark’
  • Rosa ‘Mme Legras de St Germain’
  • Rosa ‘Mme Plantier’
  • Rosa ‘Crimson Blush’
  • Rosa ‘Lemon Blush’
  • Rosa ‘Morning Blush’
  • Rosa ‘Royal Blush’
  • Rosa ‘Tender Blush’

Bourbon Roses

Bourbon roses appeared at the beginning of the XVII century. Parents are the rose Autumn Damask and the ancient Chinese rose Old Blush China. This happened on the island of Bourbon in the Indian Ocean. In these roses, terry or gustomahrovye fragrant flowers that bloom in two waves. Once in the summer, and the second in the fall. Many of these roses can be grown as sticks.

бурбонские розы

Bourbon Rosa

Gallic roses

To these beauties belong some of the oldest varieties, including the pharmacy rose and Gallic. They are descendants of the Rose of Gallic – rosa gallica. This rose is considered the ancestor of many modern varieties. In most cases, these roses are compact. Flowers from them: from simple to dostomakhrovyh. And they blossom throughout the summer. Roses of this group are not too demanding on the chemical composition of the soil.

foto галльских роз

Gallic rose

Rosa moschata hybrids

Musk rose hybrids are powerful plants that appeared in the early twentieth century. Many varieties can still be found in the catalogs. Usually the flowers are terry and collected in large brushes. They blossom once.

Musk roses

Musk rose

Remotant rose hybrids

Hybrids rose remontant erect, re-flowering were very popular in the XIX century. These roses are grown until now. After the tea-hybrid roses appeared, their popularity began to decline. The color of the flowers of this group is red or pink. They are usually thick and fragrant.

remontantnaia roza

Remotant rose

Hybrids Eglanteria roses

The hybrids of the Eglantry rose originated from a rose fragrant or rose rust, which are powerful, branched thorn bushes. These roses are very suitable for hedges. Most of these roses are semi-double or simple flowers with a pleasant aroma. They begin to blossom in the summer, and by autumn they are already tied up with fruits. There are varieties whose foliage smells of apples.

eglantereia roza

Hybrid Eglanteria rose

Damascus roses

Damascus roses are grown mainly because of their strong flavor. Blossom once. Flowers are semi-double and double. Among them there are also re-flourishing varieties.

damasskie rozi foto

Damascus rose

Chinese roses

Chinese roses came to Europe in the late 17th century and became one of the parents of modern tea-hybrid roses. They are grown until now, and there are several of their varieties. For example, a series of roses Old Blush China. Flowers from Chinese roses appear in the hands. They can be simple and even double, sometimes very fragrant. They are both clusters and claws.

mutabilis роза китайская

Chinese rose Mutabilis

Moss Roses

The parents of moss roses are “Autumn Damask” and centiphil roses. As a result of this crossing of moss rose, glandular hairs with a strong aroma, which cover the shoots, like mosses and sepals, are inherent. The flowers themselves in this group of roses can be from semi-double to densely packed. They are fragrant, and some bloom repeatedly.

mohovyie rozi

Moss rose

Continuation on the topic of groups of garden roses and varieties read in the next article.

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