Rose Acapella – Modern Shrub Hybrid Tea from Tantau


Her Majesty Queen Rosa reigns in flowerbeds all over the world. There are flower beds where only one bush grows, and there are whole rose gardens with large collections of these flowers – Aalmeer Historic Garden in the Netherlands, Ashdown Roses and San Jose Heritage Rose Garden in the USA, City of Montreal Rose Garden in Canada, Deutsches Rosarium VDR and Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen in Germany, Freshwoods in South Africa, La Bonne Maison and Roseraie du Parc de Bagatelle in France, Rose Barni in Italy, Rose Garden Real Botanical Garden in Spain, The Wohl Rose Park of Jerusalem in Israel, etc. This list is incomplete, but they all possess simply fascinating collections of rose varieties of the world from different years. In several of them, there is necessarily a variety of roses from Tantau called Acapella.

Specification of rose Acapella


The rose Acapella was registered in Germany in 1994 as TANallepa or Charlies Rose. In addition to these names in the catalogs it can be found under the following names: Charlie Dimmock, Love You Rose. The flower belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses. The author is Hans Jürgen Evers. The Tantau Acapella rose flower has a double color. The petal is crimson-pink on the inside with a white tip, and its outer side is silver-white-pink. In a pointed lush bud, there can be up to 60 petals blooming in spirals into a flower, the dimensions of which are 14 cm in full disclosure. Usually, tea and hybrid flowers bloom in single flowers, sometimes they can be 3 on one long shoot. The flowering of this rose is almost constant. Blooming time depends on weather conditions – the warmer the region, the earlier it starts and the longer it lasts. The color is still bright in the sun, but the damp cold long weather negatively affects it – the petals stick together, and it completely loses its charm. However, it does not matter – just cut off the damaged flower and let it bloom with a new one. Aroma – strong, fruity.

The height of the Acapella rose is 1.2–1.5 m, or even 2 m. The branches are erect, with few spikes. Foliage – dark green, dense, glossy. Very vigorous plant – quickly increases green weight. Of the diseases, the rose from Tantau Acapella may be slightly affected by black spot, and a healthy and well-kept flower is not susceptible to powdery mildew. Shelter cover is required in cold regions.

Care about rose Acapella

Modern spray rose from Tantau Acapella prefers neutral or slightly acidic soils rich in nutrients and with good drainage. Before you engage in the design of the site with flower-leafy compositions, a test is made on the composition of the soil, which can be bought in garden centers. The best place for planting is a sunny spot or partial shade (at least 3-4 hours of sunshine must fall on the rose). In the penumbra, the flowers will be more saturated colors, but they will be less in cold weather.

Acapella roses should be cared for just like any plant in the garden. First, it must be watered. At 1 bush will need up to 10 liters of warm distilled water, which is poured under the base of the plant in small portions as needed, but not less than 2 times a week. In dry times, this is done more often, and it will also be nice if she will be sprayed. Evening hours – the best time for this. During the night, the soil is saturated with moisture and the flower will get longer from it the liquid. Very good, if used mulch. It not only prevents the rapid evaporation of moisture, but also significantly reduces the likelihood of “raids” of weeds.
Top-dressings with minerals, vitamins and organic make the plant more resistant against diseases, pests and cold. If you do not feed the rose Acapella at least once every two weeks, then during the growing season the plant will not “give out all its charms with a bang” in the quantity in which it can, but half as much. In winter, a weak rose is prone to frostbite, not only the upper part, but also the root system. From this it follows that there is a risk of losing half, if not the whole rose. To fertilize the soil of a plant you can pour out granules of complex top dressings around the plant, or dilute them in water and alternate with irrigations. Witches are best given through spraying. Apply only well rotted organic matter. As an option, this is a mulch backing from a mixture of manure and soil (1: 2). In this case, with each watering a fresh portion of useful substances “comes up” to the plant.


Loosening the soil is necessary – it helps the root system of the rose to get not only oxygen, but also to quickly get useful substances from the soil. In the “clogged” soil plants “suffer.” During loosening, weeds are also removed. If mulch is used, this technique is less common.
The Acapella rose variety needs pruning. Hybrid tea roses bloom on the branches of the new year. How and when to trim them depends on the climate in which they grow. In warm areas, autumn-winter pruning is not needed, only in the spring Acapella correction pruning is done – removing old, damaged, diseased shoots (but this does not mean that if you trim for the winter and you end up fine, you should stop doing so. Do and share with us). In cold places, it is still better to prune – this will help avoid winter frosting. Also, this kind of pruning is done where winters are not stable — inconstant weather is even worse: long thaws and sharp frosts right behind them are a scourge for roses. Roses quickly react to warming and start vegetative processes. First of all, the kidneys, which are started up by a rose, “leave”. As a result, the number of flowering shoots is less. What is described does not necessarily happen to your rose, but this is a real process that will only be harmful (they themselves went through this and the number of flowers resulted in 2 times less).

How to use rose Acapella


The variety of roses from Tantau Acapella was derived as a cut plant (for bouquets – the length of peduncles can reach more than 1 m). It is beautiful in all flowerbeds: mixborders, borders, hedges, on high shtambes, at stone retaining walls … Any decorative or deciduous, coniferous plants can be its partners in the flowerbed. According to the color scheme, it will be in harmony with the uniformly colored flowers. The flowers in these plants are possible and large and small.

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