Rose Ahtena from Kordes

And it happens with roses that in their homeland they are recognized years later. Back in 1984, the Kordes brought out a rose and presented it to the world, but it caught on in distant Australia, where it is very popular. In 2014, the company decided that it was time for the Germans (and other gardeners) to recognize the beauty of the Athena variety. In the catalog it was attributed to the Eleganza series.

Specification of rose Athena


Rose Athena belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses. Names-synonyms: KO 02 / 1177-01, KORcripoco and RühKOR. Like all hybrid tea roses, it has a classic royal flower, formed of at least 40 petals arranged in concentric circles. The flower in a fully licensed state has a diameter of 10-12 cm. The color of the petals is creamy white with a pink edge. Rose aroma is light.
Athena’s shrubs consist of upright shoots, with an average height of 1.2 m, and its width is 0.5 m. 4-5 roses of this variety can grow per 1 m². Foliage – dark green, shiny. She conceived as a cut plant and therefore some important characteristics for open ground in cold regions are a bit lame. In wet weather, the plant is prone to diseases typical of roses – powdery mildew and black spot, and it must be covered for the winter. Although experienced rose growers say that the well-groomed rose Athena practically does not get sick and tolerates winter frosts under a good shelter.

Care about rose Athena


Rose care from Kordes Athena begins with the proper planting of the plant. First of all, it is not a landing site, but a soil composition. If the soil is neutral / slightly acidified (1-1.5 units), with good drainage, is rich in useful micro and macronutrients, then you can safely choose a sunny, drift-free place and plant the plant. If the soil is heavy or too loose, acidic or alkaline, then it is better to choose the ground, and instead of it pour the finished substrate for planting roses. Of course, such a substrate can be prepared and the very having in stock the right ingredients.
Further care for Athena rose covers regular watering, dressing, weeding and pruning. Watering is an agrotechnical device that can be done by pouring portions of water at the base of the plant (1 rose to 10 liters of water) 2-3 times a week, as well as daily evening sprays of the whole plant to a wet state. It would be more advisable to water under the root anyway, and it is better to use spraying as additional – for dressing or in heat.
Top dressing is important for each plant. They give him the opportunity to be healthy and strong, to produce a good harvest of fruits or flowers. Roses are fed 1-2 times in 2 weeks with liquid or solid fertilizers. These are both ready-made mineral complexes, and natural ones – rotted manure or compost.
Loosening the soil is necessary – it helps the root system of the rose to get not only oxygen, but also to quickly get useful substances from the soil. In the “clogged” soil plants “suffer.” During loosening, weeds are also removed. If mulch is used, this technique is less common.
Athena’s roses are pruned in spring, summer and winter, after it leaves completely in a dormant period. Spring pruning is done for “stripping” the plants: parts damaged during the winter are cut out. In summer, the main purpose of pruning is to remove the flowers that have faded away. The main pruning is wintering, which includes removing all sick, damaged and old shoots, shortening the remaining primary ones (in this variety of roses, 1/3 of the shoots are left or shorter – it all depends on the growing region).

How to use rose Athena


Kordes brought this variety of roses Athena for growing in cut bouquets. But the rose perfectly copes with decorating the plots. It can be used in mixborders, hedges, for decorating the patio as a container plant, and in other types of flowerbeds. Athena type tea hybrid roses look great with climbing and climbing plants. It may be clematis, and honeysuckle, and girlish grapes … In addition, it is an excellent option for those who want to create their own rosary – large flowers with a light aroma will immediately be evident. The standard version of the variety described above will also be beautiful.

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