Rose Arabia from Tantau

In 2010, Tantau presented to the world a new fantastic variety of roses called Arabia. She has several awards: in 2011 she was awarded a bronze medal in Italy, and in 2012 she also took 3rd place in Baden-Baden. Medals were given for the flower, for the scent, for the general appearance of the bush – in general, for the entire general appearance as a whole. Also such an assessment was influenced by disease resistance.

Specification of rose Arabia

Group – modern spray rose, hybrid tea
Flower size – 8-10 cm
Blossom Type – Repeating
Aroma – medium intensity, oriental, spicy
Bush height – 1.2 – 1.5 m
Powdery Mildew Resistance – High
Resistant to black spot – high
Cold resistance – above average

The Tantau Arabia rose is a sturdy shrub formed from long, upright stems, ending in a brush consisting of 5 minimum flowers. Flowering is abundant, but begins as the early flowering roses complete the first phase. The color of the flower in the bud (cone-shaped, pointed like that of a tea hybrid rose) is maroon-orange. The flower initially has a rich reddish-peach coloring. Over time, these tones brighten and turn into more delicate peach colors. Arabia double flower rose is a bowl showing a golden yellow centerpiece of stamens and pistils. The background for this magnificence is dark green, dense, large and brilliant foliage. Arabia rose variety can be grown as a short climber (sometimes the branches of a plant grow more than 2 m).

Care about rose Arabia

The Arabia rose pruning is similar to the floribunda rose pruning and consists of summer, winter, and spring plant adjustments. In the summer, faded flowers and brushes, diseased parts are mostly removed. Winter pruning is the basic pruning, the meaning of which is to form a future plant, to cut out diseased, old and thickening branches. Pruning branches so that the last bud “looked out” of the bush. The spring pruning of the Arabia rose from Tantau is done after the rose has been opened and the night temperatures have reached positive temperatures. Its task is to remove the parts of the plant damaged during the winter time. Feeding of minerals, vitamins and organic matter makes the plant more resistant to diseases, pests and cold. If you do not feed the Arabia rose from Tantau at least once every two weeks, then during the growing season the plant will not “give out all its charms with a bang” in the amount in which it can, but half as much. In winter, a weak rose is prone to frostbite, not only the upper part, but also the root system. From this it follows that there is a risk of losing half, if not the whole rose. To fertilize the soil of a plant you can pour out granules of complex top dressings around the plant, or dilute them in water and alternate with irrigations. Vitamins are best given by spraying. Apply only well rotted organic matter. As an option, this is a mulch backing from a mixture of manure and soil (1: 2). In this case, with each watering a fresh portion of useful substances “comes up” to the plant.


Care of a rose Arabia begins with the correct planting of the plant. First of all, it is not a landing site, but a soil composition. If the soil is neutral / slightly acidified (1-1.5 units), with good drainage, is rich in useful micro and macronutrients, then you can safely choose a sunny, drift-free place and plant the plant. If the soil is heavy or too loose, acidic or alkaline, then it is better to choose the ground, and instead of it pour the finished substrate for planting roses. Of course, such a substrate can be prepared and the very having in stock the right ingredients.
Watering Arabia roses is an agrotechnical device that can be done by pouring portions of water at the base of a plant (1 rose up to 10 liters of water) 2-3 times a week, as well as daily evening sprays of the whole plant to a wet state. It would be advisable to still watering under the root, and spraying is better to use as additional – for dressing or in the heat and only in the evening.
Loosening the soil is necessary – it helps the root system of the rose to get not only oxygen, but also to quickly get useful substances from the soil. In the “clogged” soil plants “suffer.” During loosening, weeds are also removed. If mulch is used, this technique is less common.

How to use rose Arabia


Romantic creation requires a romantic mood. Rose Arabia (Arabia) from Tantau – this is the plant that is suitable for cultivation in alcove gardens. It can be French, and Italian, and oriental style. It is also the center of the composition in a round flowerbed, and the background plant in a mixborder. An indelible impression this variety produces as a container. If you keep a distance of 60-80 cm between the bushes, then the rose Arabia is simply stunning in the hedge. To create a contrast to it, it is worthwhile to mount the hnochniki. To get a bright feeling from the flower bed with her, it is necessary to plant a solid color of the flower of the plant. Try arabia rose and herbs.

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