The pinkish buds of the VANESSA BELL rose open into medium-sized double flowers. Collected flowers in large clusters. The pale yellow color becomes almost white over time. In the center is a wreath of golden yellow stamens and an aroma pours out, in which notes of green tea, lemon and honey are mixed. The VANESSA BELL English rose forms an upright branching bush. 



  • Group – English Roses (English Roses)
  • Basic form – shrub
  • Height – 1.2 m
  • Diameter – 0.9 m
  • Bush shape – round
  • Color of the flower – soft light yellow, creamy yellow shade turns into white
  • Number of petals – more than 25
  • Flower shape – cup-shaped, double
  • Flower size – 8 – 10 cm
  • Flowering shape – clusters
  • Flowering type – repetitive
  • Aroma – medium intense;  
  • Foliage – green, leathery, shiny, plentiful
  • Shoots – erect, may droop a little under the weight of flowers on the brushes
  • Features – almost continuous flowering; the flower fully opened shows a golden button, consisting of pistils and stamens; actively growing
  • Resistance to powdery mildew – high
  • Resistance to black spot – high
  • Cold resistance – 5 – 11 USDA zones
  • Breeder – D. Austin
  • Catalog name – Auseasel
  • Year of introduction into cultivation – 2017
  • Soil – chalk, clay, loam, sandy
  • pH – may be small fluctuations from neutral
  • Drainage – required
  • Plot – sunny / partial shade
  • Container – yes
  • Standard – yes, high
  • Planting types – various types of mixed plantings, hedges, rose gardens, fragrant gardens

VANESSA BELL rose is an unpretentious and active plant. She has all the best qualities that D. Austin received as a result of crossing from his roses: good health, abundant flowering and a fabulous aroma. Caring for the English rose VANESSA BELL consists of watering, feeding and pruning. 

The VANESSA BELL rose is named after Vanessa Bell, an artist, designer and founder of the Bloomsbury Group. The plant is suitable for landscaping designs of all sizes: from large manor gardens and parks to tiny balcony gardens. 


Enjoy your cultivation!

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