Every year in the world of roses, more than a dozen different exhibitions are held where roses are tested for a variety of qualities. This is a general view of the plant, the shape of the flower, its color and aroma, the vitality of the rose. In general, there are a lot of criteria. Often, one event affects the readings of the next, they are interrelated, and as a result a rose can have up to a dozen awards. But we are declared on the packaging the most important – resistance to disease and cold, group, flower shape, number of petals, growing areas.

On June 3, 86 in a row, the International Competition for New Varieties of Roses was held in Lyon (France). There were 81 varieties of roses presented by 23 breeders from 9 countries. The jury consisted of 30 people.


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1-t prize for fragrance include hybrid tea roses Rose took from Interplant from the Netherlands, codenamed INTercomgarf. For the size of the flower and its pure color, a hybrid tea from Kordes called Limona has been certified. This is the Armand Zinsch Prize. The 1st place among Floribuna RZ for the ratio / combination of flowers and greenery on the bush was awarded to the variety MR409 from Meilland. The diploma for a beautiful flower in shape, color and a beautiful brush was awarded to FEL 10,065 B – floribunda rose from Felix (France). The same certificate distinguished the rose from the floribunda group from Kordes under the sweet honey name Sweet Honey. In addition, the light honey aroma of this rose is recorded as a reward.

The first prize among miniature roses was taken by the Mandarin rose of the Kordes selection. She was praised for the shape and color of the flower. The first prize among beautiful landscape roses was recognized for Alizée ground cover rose from Sauvageot (France). For the beauty of the flower was awarded another ground-cover rose Smiling Eyes from C. Warner (England). She was also recognized as an excellent plant for landscape design. In this nomination (landscape rose), White Angel from Adam (France) was also awarded.

Alaska from Kordes is recognized as a beautiful claimer with thick cream-white with a hint of pink, flowers appearing all season. For repeated flowering and excellent disease resistance, the first prize was awarded immediately to three roses – MR307 from Richardier (France), Prague from Poulsen (Denmark) and Gruaud Larose from Adam (France).

A cup of the most fragrant rose was presented to the representatives of Interplant for tea hybrid rose INTercomgarf. Separately, the jury awarded their prize to roses Limona from Kordes (Germany), Red Maya from Adam (France) and Smiling Eyes from Warner (England).

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