Roses from cuttings

I want to share with you information from my own experience. As I deduced roses from cuttings, about 85% of the 20 cuttings survived.

Once we were visiting my mother. She grows several rose bushes. That was late fall. I cut branches and brought home. Put in the water. The next day, divided into cuttings. Took a white long container for ampelous plants. A mixture of fried white river sand and soil was poured into it – 3: 2. I didn’t cover it with a film, but simply watered it a little every day. After some time, my roses grew.

But not fate. I have a little son. And when I was not there, he pulled out young plants from the substrate. Well, in general, they are gone. As much as I did not want to save them, it did not work out. The root system was still very weak.

In the spring of next year, I again brought a bouquet of branches of roses. It was the beginning of May. But this time I didn’t plant it in the pot. Tomatoes grow every year under our shelter on our site. Not that there are many, but we have enough. So, I cut the cuttings from that bouquet again. I made one cut, the upper one, on the kidney, and the lower one on the kidney. Only two buds were left on the handle. The slice did only oblique. Part of the cuttings was inserted into the ground at the “angle of life” – 45 °, and part – vertically. She didn’t harbor anything. Just watered every evening with tomatoes.

Quite a lot of time passed before my cuttings “started” – somewhere around 21 days. Care for them consisted of daily abundant watering, top dressing and weeding. I watered a lot due to the fact that the cuttings were still under the roof and in the fresh air, that is, the moisture evaporated constantly. I did not use any growth stimulants. She was fed twice with nitrogen fertilizers and four times with organic fertilizer (chicken droppings: 0.5 kg of dry droppings per 10 liters of water and also chemical fertilizers were bred with water – 1 cup of fertilizers per 10 liters of water). Between chemistry there was about a 5-6 week break, and I fed organic food 1 time for 14 days. Combine weeding seedlings with light loosening of the soil. To put it bluntly, with the cuttings from the bouquet I did the same as with the tomatoes.

From the second half of August, I began to transplant 2-3 plants in separate containers. In general, roses looked the same, because the root system is quite strong and well-developed vegetative part. Therefore, a transplant of plants into pots was needed. I decided that not all plants will survive the winter, and some will die. In human language, I decided to play it safe.

Still warm roses from cuttings stand on the street in light partial shade due to very high temperatures in the daytime. Later I will transfer them to the rooms. With the onset of cold weather, so that the plants have a rest period, they will be placed in the basement, where the temperature in winter does not exceed + 5 С°.

To summarize my experiment. There were 20 cuttings. Only 3 of them disappeared. With the method of care that I used, 85% of the seedlings survived. Some of them, namely weaving roses, developed a powerful root system and a branched and healthy above-ground part. The second part – tea-hybrid roses – formed a good root system, and the upper part of the plants formed 3-5 leaves.

I think that it was not without reason that I spent time: next year, some of the seedlings will please with their flowering. Sorry there are no photos of my experiment. When I did all this, I didn’t think that anything would work out at all.

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