How to grow roses in the greenhouse? The answer seems to be simple. Planted, watered, cut, fed, weeded, cleaned the weeds, followed the temperature. It is only the algorytm but the real growing of roses in the greenhouse is whole science. Getting best results without this knowledge will be problematic. We continue to tell you about all specific methods of growing roses in the greenhouse.

We wrote already about main moments for roses and roses breeders.  But are another significant factors what affect the ready-made products. For example, roses in the greenhouse must to have recreation.  If you choose the right time for rest you getting quality goods.

Phases of growth of roses in a greenhouse

When you giving your roses a two months of rest (december – January), your bushes of roses will bloom four a time. If it be four months (from November to February) you getting three phases of blooming and if it be 6 months (from November to April) you can take only 3 phases too. Start of vegetation period don’t depend from what group your roses to belong. Buds of most sorts of roses are opening at one time when come sustainable spring warming. The plants begin to wake up and develop actively when temperature is up then +10°C. For example, if we jump-starting greenhouse (phase of rest lasts 2 month) and put +5 – +10 °C then our plants come up to a full (appearance of buds) across 10 – 14 days. This example is given for a heated greenhouse in winter time where period of rest of roses is comparative because heating in those greenhouses completely not deactivate.

Totals. We must choose what term of rest we given our roses in the greenhouse. We must consider botanical features of sorts of roses what we take for distillation of roses to choose sufficient time for rest of roses.


Important! Character and temps of growth sorts of roses hang on from individual biological considers, origin, age of plants and growing conditions. Activity and time of passing of phenological phases of rose are closely connected with climatic conditions of closed soil, varietal features and degree of pruning.

Pruning roses

The method of pruning rose is one of important factors for conducting roses in greenhouse. Generally, use light pruning – high 35 – 40 cm or 7-12 buds. If used medium or light pruning number of flowers will go down. More then, flowering starts 10-15 days     earlier than in shrubs with low pruning.  There are almost no blind shoots, and the height of the flower shoot refers to the colors of Extra and First Class.

Fact! At the first phase of flowering, the largest number of “sales” roses, and with each phase is reduced by 20-15%. And quality also falls.

For that that geting roses for a cut in the greenhouse always you must correct the sorts.

For example, for obtain a constant quality cut we must to plant three sorts – Champagner, Sandra and Kardinal. If we want to get more quality rose flowers in march and September we must plant more shrubs of Kardinal. If we want to get more quality roses in march, may, june and November – plant more shrubs of Champagner, but if we need in cut roses more in april, june, july and September – plant more shrubs of Sandra.

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