Spider mites, aphids and scrapers, how to deal with them

Pests of roses are different: aphids, caterpillars, thrips, sawflies, spider mites, etc. But, in this article we will discuss the most well-known pests, such as: rosacea aphid and spider mite.

Aphid on roses

rozanaia tla

photo of aphids on roses

Perhaps the most common pest of roses is aphids. In addition, it is also the most dangerous parasite. Green rooted aphid forms dense colonies. Female, like beads, hang on young shoots, leaves and buds. They suck the juice. As a result, the leaves frown, ugly twist, wither, but buds and young shoots die. In addition, the sticky parts of the plant remain sticky aphid discharge, on which then the sooty fungus settles (it is easy to fight with it – it must be washed with a cloth from leaves and shoots). Affected aphids also become discolored and turn yellow. Especially dangerous is the roed aphid in the spring, since it first settles on young stems. At the same time, destroying their tender tips.

How to treat from rose aphid

With insignificant damage roses are treated 2-3 times with soap solution, decoction of tobacco, wormwood, wormwood infusions, nettle dandelion, pepper, yarrow, celandine, onion and garlic with tomato leaves. In case of severe damage, insecticides are used.

Cacoecia rosana

In the spring on the bushes of roses there are gray-green caterpillars of the Cacoecia rosana. They eat leaves and buds. Then twist them with the help of a spider web into a tube, where they become pups. In addition to the larvae of Cacoecia rosana, leaves and buds, etc., other butterfly caterpillars can also feed. For example, an Orgyia antiqua, an Geometra, a Euproctis chrysorrhoea, a Phalera bucephala.

Treatment from Cacoecia rosana

If the caterpillars are small, they can be collected manually. You can use folk methods: decoctions of tobacco, nightshade, pepper, wormwood, infusions of burdock, onions and garlic together with tomato leaves. With a large number of caterpillars, solutions of insecticides.

Spider mite


The spider mite is a very small arthropod (0.2-0.4 mm), grayish-green or orange-red in color. When he settles on a plant, a spider web appears on the bottom of the leaf, and the parasite sucks the juice. The surface of the sheet is first covered with pale dots, but in the future these points increase and form solid whitish spots. Leaves because of this early fall. During the summer, the parasite can form up to 12 generations. The appearance of a spider mite is promoted by too dry air and thickened planting plants.


How to treat from spider mite

To combat the mite, you must first increase the humidity of the sprayer in the morning or evening. The easiest way is to wash the plants of roses from the spider mite. Not bad with it can wash the plants with a soap solution. Do not forget about the regular collection of damaged parts of plants and their burning. Fit and sprinkling of leaves from the lower side with decoctions of tobacco, horsetail, infusions of dandelion, yarrow and garlic. Of the chemicals most effective.

Thus, despite the fact that pests of roses bring many problems for growing roses, you should not give up and give up. After all, there are many ways how to keep your roses in perfect condition.

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