Defining clear deadlines for the start of spring cleaning in the garden indicates that its owners protect and care about its ecosystem and health. Useful pollinating insects such as butterflies or bees, for example, winter there. Many thoroughly clean their garden from the fall, and thereby relieve them of wintering places and partially disrupt some processes of the ecosystem’s interconnection. For example, the number of useful microbes, the lack of food for birds, etc., is reduced. 

When to start spring cleaning in the garden?

Very good reason not to start thoroughly cleaning the garden is pollinators. Many of them winter in dead plant material and in the ground beneath it. After the cold has passed, they will appear in order to do their good deeds. And if you remove this cover too early, you run the risk of destroying some of the beneficial insects in the garden with it. The optimal time to start cleaning the site is the air temperature +10 ºС. 

Attentiveness and pollinators

In the spring garden, everything depends on your attention. Including all participants in the ecosystem. Be vigilant and inspect every corner. There may be a “nest” of bees, leaves with cocoons of butterflies. Ladybugs, beetles – killers of aphids, larvae, weevils and other harmful insects can be in the leaves. Even branches and branches of bushes and trees are wintering areas for pollinators. In addition, your attentiveness will protect you yourself during the spring troubles in the garden. 

Mulching in the early spring garden is not welcome. If this is done, then it is possible to “block” beneficial insects wintering in the ground. Wait until the soil warms up and they wake up. 

What can be done in the garden so as not to destroy pollinators?

  • Take soil samples in different places of your garden. So you can find out about the condition of the soil and adjust where which fertilizers are needed more and where less. 
  • Remove winter shelters from shrubs.
  • Set traps for harmful insects.
  • Check for slugs.
  • Pull weeds.
  • Prepare a working tool and equipment. 
  • Keep a diary and take notes on everything you do in the garden. In the future, you will be able to alternate crops, add plants and more. 

Early spring in the garden is the time when its ecosystem begins to wake up. In order for the garden to be healthy, take care of it and multiply it. Pollinators, especially bees, have recently become less likely to live in urban conditions due to urbanization. And our mission with you is to ensure an increase in their population.

Enjoy your cultivation!

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