Stamb roses or just Pink trees

Patio & Miniature Standard RosesRoses “trees” or stamb roses were particularly loved in the XVIII-XIX centuries throughout Europe, especially in England and France. Wrote poems about roses, they were described in prose. In L. Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” we are talking about stambed roses, namely in the English version of “standard rose” – a stamb rose. Remind stambing roses beautiful bouquets on a long stem-stem. To get the stambed beauty, it is necessary to plant the selected variety not in the root neck as in the bush roses, but on the high shoot of the stock, which will be the stem.

Variety of standard roses

Patio & Miniature Standard Roses

Height is 0,45-0.5 m. Grades of miniature roses are used to create low-stem roses. For example, Fresh Pink, Midget, Mirato, Mandarin, Roslini, Zwerkoning, Rouletii, Zwergrose, Zwergenfee 09, etc. Such trees planted in a container resemble bonsai, and can be an excellent decorative element of any interior.

Standard Roses

standard roseHeight is 0.75 m. Amulet, Red Cascade, Lady Reading, Samba, Cartenzauber, Echo, Sweet Dreem, Elisa, Apache are used for inoculation on half-stems roses, as well as other varieties from patio-roses, short floribunda varieties and polyanthus roses. To low-stambing and average standard roses are not lost among other roses, they are planted in rosaries by separate groups.

Short Weeping Standard

Short Weeping Standard

Growth is 1-1.2 m. The most popular of the roses are the standard roses, which are planted with the best varieties of grandiflora, floribunda and tea-hybrid roses. These varieties of roses are fragrant, monochrome or bicolour brightly colored, multi-flowered and bloom for a long time. Also, one variety can be planted with different varieties of roses of different colors. From tea-hybrid – Duftfolke, Crimson Glory, Paradise, Nina Weibul, Morning of Moscow, Blagovest, etc. From floribundy – Iceberg, Intrigue, Montana, Lilli Marlen, Bad Fusing, Mon Petit Chou, Purple Rain, Europeana, Edelweiss and so on. It is very romantic and unusual to look alley from such roses – there will be the impression that the flowers are floating in the air, if only a lawn grass grows under them.

Tall Weeping Standard

Tall Weeping StandardApproximately 1.5 – 1.8 meters. But if you only have one bush of a high-stamping rose – it will attract all attention to yourself, even if only solid exotic plants grow around. Such tall stems are mainly planted with clumps and ground cover roses, which give a cascade of flowers. The already expanded stem will look like a fountain of flowers, which is infinitely fragrant. And such trees are called weeping. To create such a masterpiece, take a graft from such varieties as Polka-Butterfly, New Dawn, Dorothy Perkis, Red Fairy, Malwern Hills, Laguna, Aloha, Super Excelsa, Dortmund, Jasmina, Venusta Pendula, Orange Dawn, Alba Meidiland, Hella, Bobby James , Flammentanz, Super Dorothy, Gold Marie, Cramella, Alona, ​​Amadeus, Cinderella, Moonlight and so on.

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