Tea-hybrid roses and their history

A bit of history

Tea-hybrid roses in different catalogs are also referred to as Large-flowered or Noble roses. The history of these roses begins in 1867, when La France appeared. This variety was brought out by crossing tea and remontant roses. In 1900, the breeder J. Berne-Duchet introduced the Soleil d’Or, the first yellow tea-hybrid rose. And in 1910, a variety appeared with pure yellow flowers – Rayon d’Or. The first elegant rose with pink flowers was Ophelia in 1912. The work of breeders did not stop even during the hostilities of the First and Second World Wars. At that time there were such famous varieties as Etoile de Hollande, Betty Uprichard, Shot Silk, Mrs. McGredy, Crimson Glory, Peace. After the wars, the most famous was the brand Super Star – the first coral-orange rose. Then followed the Fragrant Cloud, Alec’s Red, Alexander, Silver Jubilee …

Tea Hybrid Roses Today

In our time there are more than 10 thousand varieties of tea-hybrid roses. These roses are the most popular and common among all kinds of roses. The flowers of these plants are characterized by elongated buds with a sharp apex, of which numerous velvet or satin petals are shown as they open. And if you look closely, you can see long peduncles. The flower itself is large – from 10 cm to 12 cm, in diameter. The flower on the shoot, as a rule, is one, but there are varieties in which they are collected in inflorescences 2-5 pieces each. The main enemies are strong cold, black spotting, powdery mildew and improper care.

чайно-гибридные розы фото

Tea-hybrid roses are grown, like shrubs and bushes. The bush can be erect or spreading in height from 0,5 to 1 m. In the form of a bunch they are grown on a stem with a height of at least 0.5 m. Very impressive, these queens look in group plantings.

But do not assume that tea-hybrid roses are all without flaws. Among them there are plants with ugly shrubs in the form of very rigid branches. Some roses, not given in wet weather, preserve the beauty of their flower for a long time. Some roses are capricious of the fact that they, for example, do not fit the soil composition on the site. It is necessary to carefully study information about a particular variety, because it is afraid of frosts or during flowering form very few flowers. Among these aristocrats there are such sissies that any illness for them is almost death. You should also know that some breeders breed only for exhibitions – they do not blossom very much or the shrub is not at all decorative for an ordinary person – only judges can appreciate the beauty of the flower.

List of some varieties showing good resistance to black spot and powdery mildew

Abbey Field Rose, Cocbrose, Alec′s Red, Alexander, Belle Epoque, Fry Yaboo, Blessings, Cheshire Life, Congratulations, Korlift, Sylvia, Dawn Chorus, Disqnasar, Deep Secret, Mildred Scheel, Elina, Peaudouce, Emress Michiko, Fragrant Dream, Freedom, Fulton MacKay, Golden Jubilee, Goldstar, Candide, Grandpa Dickson, Irish Gold, Ice Cream, Indian Summer, Ingrid Bergman, Poulman, Just Joey, Keepsake, Esmeralda, Kings Ransom, L′Oreal Trophy, Lovely Lady, Lovers Meeting, Loving Memory, Red Cedar, My Joy, National Trust, Bad Nauheim, New Zealand, Aotearoa, Pink Favourite, Polar Star, pot O′Gold, Precious Platinum, Red Star, Opa Potscheke, Pristine, Red Devil, Couer D′amour, Remember Me, Renaissence, Rose Goujard, Rosemary Harkness, Royal William, Sally′s Rose, Savoy Hotel, Integrity, Versors, Silver Anniversary, Silver Jubilee, Simba, Helmut Schmidt, Summer Fragrance, Sunblest, Landora Tequila Sunrise, The Lady, The McCartney Rose, Troika, Royal Dane, Valencia, Velvet Fragrance, Vidal Sassoon, Warm Wishes.

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