This article will tell you about Old garden roses. Description of some groups of garden roses.

бедренцеволистная роза фото
Roses Spinosissima

Hybrids of spinosissima rose or feminine leaves. The varieties of these roses are hardy and disease resistant. Flowers are usually single, semi-double and non-double. Blossom very early and abundant, but not for long. Shrubs thick straight tall, up to 2 m.

роза фетида
rosa Foetida

Foetida roses, or lutea – only yellow shades. The flowers are simple, solitary, sometimes in small inflorescences. The smell is unpleasant. Blooms profusely, but briefly. It has a high resistance to frost. For example, Persian Yellow variety – a sign – bright yellow densely sized double flowers of medium size.

Роза alba картинка
rosa Alba

Rosa Alba or white rose. These varieties of roses are either white or slightly pinkish. The bush forms strong straight shoots with a height of 2-2.5 m. The flowers are semi-double with a strong aroma. Blossoms once – 20-30 days, abundantly. Not afraid of diseases and pests, and not demanding on the soil. Feels good in the penumbra.
Bourbon roses have large flowers (8-10 cm), double and semi-double, fragrant, often collected in inflorescences. Bloom in early summer and autumn – twice. Roses are afraid of frost and powdery mildew.

ремонтантные розы фото
Remontant Rose Bush

Remontant roses are a mixture of Bourbon, Damascus, French, tea and Bengal roses. The flowers of these varieties are large, densely double, rounded cupped with a strong pleasant aroma. They are collected in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces. Sprawling bushes, up to 2 m in height. They bloom 2 times per season – in summer and autumn, with the second bloom weaker than the first. Without shelter for the winter much frosting. They are afraid of fungal diseases.

французская роза фото
Old Gallic rose

Rose French, or Gallic. The oldest of garden roses. Nowadays, mainly compact varieties with coarse foliage are grown. The flowers are different in shape and number of petals. Blossoms once. Afraid of powdery mildew. The most common variety in the gardens is Rosa Mundi, which has almost no thorns and is not picky about the soil.

Rose Eglantria. Varieties of these roses form vigorous bushes. Flowers solitary. Older varieties of casting smell good, and the new flavor is missing. Tea roses. Delicate graceful flowers have a high center. Smell pleasant tea aroma. Blooms profusely and for a long time. The bush can be both low and very high. And also have a climbing form. The disadvantages of tea roses are low endurance, demands for warmth, they are afraid of disease. As you can see, garden roses have many different types of roses, which makes them very popular among rose lovers.

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