Roses – perennial plants, the roots of which go far enough into the soil. Therefore, the basic preparation of the substrate for these colors must be done very carefully. The soil for roses should be air and water permeable, loamy and slightly acid (pH 5.5-6.5). The depth of groundwater should not exceed 1.5 m. With a lack of oxygen, growth and respiration of roots deteriorate, and excessive moisture retards the development of the root system. What leads to the death of the plant, with the shoots ripen late.

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If the roses are planted in spring, the soil should be prepared better in autumn. But you can do it a month before landing. The depth of the soil nutrient layer for roses is at least 70 cm.

The landing pit is dug to a depth of 80-100 cm. The length and width of the pit depend on the size of the root system of the seedling. At the bottom of the arrange drainage of gravel and sand. But if there is a lot of sand in the soil, then such drainage is not needed. Then the pit is filled with a mixture of fertile top layer, excavated soil, sand, rotted manure, or compost and peat, in a ratio of 2: 2: 3: 1. Fertilizer rates are determined according to soil analyzes. If the readings of the soil do not exceed the limits of the norm, then superphosphate (100 g per 1 m²) and ash (500-1000 g per m²) are added to the mixture obtained earlier.

Simple tests for acidity and soil composition can be purchased at garden centers. The quality of the soil can be determined by passing it through the fingers. Sandy soil easily wakes up through your fingers. The loam crumbles between them, the lumps are held together without sticking together. The clay soil is stumbled into a hard bed. It badly lets in water and air, and also slowly dries, cracks when drying. Swampy soil when pressed resembles a sponge. If the soil is clay, it is made easier by adding sand to it. And, on the contrary, with sandy soil, it is necessary to add weathered clay or clay soil. Swampy soils are not recommended for planting roses, but they can be improved by adding sand, clay, lime and compost.

If the pH of the soil is less than 5.5, it is necessary to add dolomite flour in the amount of 1-2 cups or lime – 0.5-1 cups. Lime should be added very carefully, because it is very difficult to get rid of its excess. Cretaceous (alkaline) soils are first deoxidized, introducing a large amount of top peat or coniferous humus. In the spring, before planting, complex fertilizer with trace elements is applied.

With a very poor soil composition, the planting hole is filled with ready-made planting stock, which can be purchased at garden centers. This option will give one hundred percent result. However, the above described mixture prepared by itself is no worse.

From the text, which was higher, it follows that the most optimal soil for roses is considered loam. But this does not mean that roses do not grow on other soils. By improving the composition of the land, you can grow roses in your own land, which you like. Moreover, now all the materials are so accessible and require little cost for their search and delivery.

Enjoy your garden!

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