Thysanoptera and other similar parasites of roses

In this article, we will talk about such pests as: a Arge ochropus (rose sawfly), a pest of thrips, Edwardsiana rosae.

Rose sawfly

розанный пилильщик

Rose sawfly

Appears in spring at the ends of shoots or in axils of leaves. Their females lay eggs there, from which appear whitish larvae. They penetrate into the shoot, move down (downward), or up (ascending), causing damage to the stems. Slightly damaged shoots droop and die.

The disappearance of sawed sawflies will help such methods: pruning damaged shoots to healthy wood and burning them, attracting birds that destroy the sawfly larvae. It is necessary to constantly spray the plants with infusions of hemlock, wormwood with a solution of the drug insecticides of systemic action.

Pest of thrips

trips na roze

Trips on rose

This small movable yellow-brown insect, which damages the plants, sucking out the cellular juice from them. Favorite meal of thrips are buds and blossoming flowers. But thrips do not row with leaves. On the damaged petals and leaves, angular dry spots appear. The bitten parts of the plant are deformed, and the general appearance of the rose loses its appeal. Kidneys blossom badly and change shape. The dry and hot weather contributes to the increase in the number of thrips. Under these conditions, these four-winged insects can cause serious damage to the roses.

Treatment of roses from thrips

The easiest way to deal with fly flies is to remove and burn the crippled parts of rose bushes. Against them help infusion of nettles, yarrow, celandine. If you observe a large number of insects on plants, then insecticide solutions should be applied.

Edwardsiana rosae

розанные цикады

Edwardsiana rosae

When you see pink squiggles on the top side of the sheet, you will see white spots and speckles. These winged insects of yellowish or white color are deposited on the back of the leaf of the egg, from which the larvae subsequently appear. They suck the juice and promote the appearance of these spots. As a result, the leaves wither and fall prematurely. The emergence of a rosy dryweed is facilitated by dry weather. It also happens that if the plant is severely affected, the plant slows growth and even loses part of the foliage.

How to fight against rosehoppers

The standard measure of struggle will be the collection and burning of damaged leaves. In case of severe lesions with rosehopper, systemic insecticides are used.

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