Transplanting roses, how to do it correctly

фото горшок с растением

In this article, you will learn how to transplant roses at home. If you bought a rose bushes in nutritious soil, then it is not worth hurrying with the transplant. Put the plant on the east or southeast window sill. The plant needs to get used to the new microclimate. But if you bought a rose in peat, you should immediately transplant the rose. In the future, roses will more than once be transferred to pots a little more. The optimal time for this operation is the time of the moon’s transition to the growth phase. It is better not to transplant under the signs of Aries, Leo and Aquarius. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are the preferred signs for transshipment. Of course, you can transplant the plants and the descending moon, but this is undesirable. However, do not change the rose during the full new moon.

When transplanting, you must not destroy the clod of earth. Sometimes on the roots you can see white or gray granules of complex fertilizer – do not flush it. Before transplanting carefully remove the top layer of the earth, slightly loosen it.

Roses for good growth need a nutritious land: four parts of the turf ground mix with four parts of humus and one part of sand. Already during transplantation, add granules of complex fertilizer to this mixture. In stores, they often sell a ready-made substrate for roses or simply a substrate for indoor plants. The new pot should be larger than the container in which you bought the rose. The new pot dimensions in diameter should be 2-4 cm and 5-7 cm in height. Too big a pot is not needed right away. If it is ceramic and unglazed, it must be soaked for 2 hours with warm water. If in the pot before that something grew, it should be washed well, but without soap. At the bottom of the pot before planting roses, put a layer of drainage (optimally expanded clay). It should be about 1-2 cm thick, top the soil mixed with fertilizers.

Before transplanting, pour the plant and wait for the water to soak. Then in one hand take the container, turn over so that the other hand grab the plant, so that it does not crumble earth. The lump with roots must come out easily from the container. Carefully transfer it into a new pot and sprinkle the earth with all sides. As the soil is compacted, it is poured until the pot remains 2-3 cm to the edge of the pot. The plant is not watered after transshipment. You can sprinkle the foliage and put it in the shade or on the north window. At the end of the day, the pot is put on the chosen place – on the southeast window sill. Do not transplant, but pass the plant. This action less affects the root system of roses. Ideally, you need to make a transfer of roses before growing young shoots. If the shoots are all the way to growth, they can shrink the tops, and they will have to be cut to a healthy part.

In a month you can feed a rose. Usually, roses are fed every other week. You can pour a solution of full mineral fertilizer or a special fertilizer for roses. It is permissible to spray the leaves with a weak solution of special fertilizers (foliar top dressing). It is forbidden to feed newly transplanted roses or diseased plants. Feed roses in the evening after watering. But in the cold, rainy weather, the top dressing of roses is not recommended. The best time for transplanting roses is March and the first half of April. The transplant at this time slightly stops the growth and development of plants (for a week – one and a half). But then they quickly recover and start to blossom.
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