Summer is the time to go on vacation. For the gardener and gardener – this is a troublesome time. They cannot give up everything and go to the tropics to rest. This article is aimed at helping create a tropical garden in a temperate climate busy person and not spend a lot of time and money on it. 

  1. Plants with large, bright and shiny foliage

The most characteristic feature of tropical forests is large, succulent and bright leaves of different plants. In nature, these are massive leaves of alocasia and colocasia, heterogeneous palm trees, bananas. In temperate and cold climates, most of these plants are grown in containers. For the summer period, they can be easily planted in open ground among the host, actinidia, honeysuckle, clematis, Chinese magnolia vine, mock orange, roses and other plants. There is one big plus for such a tropical garden: in a temperate climate there is no torrential rain with strong gales and the foliage remains beautiful and even, flowering is brighter

Be sure to use your indoor large and bright-leafed plants in the garden. In the summer they will be more comfortable to grow in the fresh air. Monstera, shefler, Cannes, arizem, and immaturity are perfectly combined with rhubarb, thyroid darmer, lilies, daylilies, irises, and girl’s grapes. In the open ground during the season, “indoor tropics” will grow more mass than languishing in pots.

  1. The whole area in the plants

In the rainforest there is not a single empty place: the neighbor is adjacent to the neighbor, and even on the neighbor)). Mosses, bromeliads, orchids and ferns settle on the virgin oak and tabebuille. Creeping vines creep under your feet, and old lying stumps and boulders cover mosses. A little higher than the eye is buried in ferns. Such dense plant masses are obtained by layering plants. 

Help create dense tropical cover in a temperate garden  can grapes, actinidia kolomikta, ivy, mosses, moss, loosestrife, fern. Orchid and bromeliad hanging in pots among these plants, as well as large-leafed plants (or not) planted should densely cover the horizontal and vertical planes of the garden.   

  1. Plants with large flowers

For many of us, the tropical garden appears as a colorful Hawaiian shirt. However, in fact, they are not abundantly blooming gardens. The advantage of these paradises is the large size of the flowers. To convey this effect of flowering tropics in a temperate garden, plant Chinese hibiscus, grassy hibiscus, clematis, dipladenias, trilliums, campsis, wisteria, turgia, abelia, daylilies, lilies, eustoma in the garden. They should be flowering points that take care of themselves. Plants with small flowers, but flowers of can also be such points with interesting shape: bitterness, uvularia, panicled hydrangea, heuchera, and small-flowered clematis. Still Fit in perfectly plants with large inflorescences will: letter, lukulia, large-flowered hydrangea, tamarix, montbretia, small-flowered nymphaea, azaleas, rhododendrons. In temperate climates, an assortment of flowering plants that are suitable for creating a garden in a tropical climate is plentiful. So, pick up and grow successfully will not be difficult. The main thing is not to overdo it – remember the accent flowering. Of course, true orchid, bromeliad and other tropical plants will emphasize flowering. 

  1. Strategic fragrant places

Tropical plants, like all others, use the services of insects for their reproduction. To do this, they have strong, sweet and spicy flavors soaring around in the air. Such bright fragrant representatives of tropical flora can be hedychium, Arabian jasmine, medicinal jasmine, Brugmansia, datura, plantain hosta, morning glory. Among the plants of the temperate zone of growth there are also representatives with similar aromas. Distribute these plants so that wherever you go, their fragrance fills the garden. 

  1. Points of concentration: bright flowers and leaves The

tropical garden does not tolerate dull and pale colors. He is bright and juicy. Such points of concentration of abundance will be in a tropical garden in a temperate climate will be salvia guarani, sparkling sage, justice, glob, kufei, lanthanum, cataracts, bromeliads, billbergia, etc. Some attract the visitor’s attention with the color and shape of the flower, while others are leaves. Amaranth, coleus, euonymus, hautunia, geyhera, turf, euphorbia bordered.

Each garden style can be recreated in a temperate climate, including a tropical garden. Both tropical plants growing in indoor pots and local, long-cultivated plants will help in this. It is important in this garden to use large-leafed plants with bright, juicy colors, various flowers and shrubs. And a tropical paradise for a gardener busy in the summertime is ready. 

Enjoy your cultivation and paradise holiday!

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