Curling roses are used for various landscaping and decoration of various decorative columns, balconies, arbors and other architectural forms. The two group of curling roses includes large – flowered roses or climbers and multi-flowered roses – ramblers.

History of curling roses

The history of curling roses in Europe begins with the XVIII century. In 1793 from China came the rose bracteal – Rosa bracteata. It was brought back by Lord McCartney, who at that time was the ambassador of King George III in China. In honor of her introductory rose was named Rosa McCartney. In the same century a multi-flowered rose Rosa Multiflora was brought from Japan. The first terracotta rose Rosa multiflora var carnea appeared in European gardens in 1804. In 1807, Banks brought from East Asia a white maroon climbing rose or Rosa banksiae. After eighteen years, in 1825, from China to the gardens of Europe penetrates the yellow climbing terry rose Rosa banksiae lutea. Rosa wishuraiana or rose Vihura was introduced in 1860.


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The basis of the climbers are the large-flowered rose flowers and the Kordes roses. Flowers of these roses appear on the branches of the current year. They are large or medium-sized. The very flowering of these plants continues throughout the season. But among them there are such varieties that blossom once. Flowers of some varieties resemble tea-hybrid roses. The color of these flowers can be very diverse. The shoots of the climbers are rigid, whip-like, the length of which can reach 2.5-3.5 m. Climbers are more winter-hardy and resistant to diseases with powdery mildew than the ramblers.


The basis of the ramblers are the hybrids of the multi-flowered rose and the Vihura rose. At the end of the XIX century were considered the most valuable garden plants. The ramblers have long, flexible shoots, mostly with small, stiff leaves. Blossoms are sometimes so abundant that you can not even see the leaves. Flowering lasts 30-40 days, but, unfortunately, as a rule, only once. Although there are varieties that have a repeated flowering. Flowers are small or very small, ranging in size from simple to terry. They are formed on the shoots of the previous year. Large inflorescences are located along the entire length of the shoots. The color of the flowers is often white, pink or red.

The walls, arches, poles, fences, pergolas, old trees decorate with climbing or rambling roses. Re-blossoming varieties should be planted together with curly flowering plants to fill the blossoms. For example, clematis, honeysuckle.

Some variety of climbing or rambling roses:

Alchymist, Aloha, Altissimo, Amadeus, Antike, A Shropshire Lad, Ash Wednesday, Barock, Bobby James, Cecile Brunner, Claire Austine, Crown Princess Maergareta, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dortmund, Elfe, Falstaff, Flammentanz, Gertrude Jekyll, Giardina, Golden Celebration, Golden Gate, Golden Showers, Grahem Thomas, Harlekin, Iceberg, Ilse Krohn Superior, James Galway, Jasmina, Laguna, Malvern Hills, Manita, Moonlight, Negresko, New Dawn, Perennial Blue, Pierre de Ronsard, Raubritter, Rosanna, Rosarium Uetersen, Santana, Sombreuil, Sorbet Fruit, Spirit of Freedom, Super Excelsa, Sympathy, Teasing Georgia, Tess of Urbervilles, the Generous Gardener, The Pilgrim, Tradition, The Wedgwood Rose, Veilchenblau, Casino, Compassion, Lawinia, Swan Lake, Goldener Olymp, Etoil de Hollande, Alberic Barbier, Albertine, American Pillar, Bantry Bay, Breath of Life, Caroline Testout, Crimson Shower, Danse de Feu, Dorothy Perkins, Dreaming Spires, Dublin Bay, Emily Gray, Ena Harkness, Felicite Perpetue, Francois Juranville, Gloire de Dijon, Gold Finch, Guinee, Handed,  Highfield, High Hopes, Kift  Gate, Laura Ford, Leaping Salmon, Leverkusen, Madame Gregoire Staechelin, Maigold, Masquerade, Mermaid, Morning Jewel, Mrs. Sam McCredie, Nice Day, Night Light, Park Director Riggess, Paul′s Himalayan Musk, Paul′s Scarlett, Pink Perpetue, Rambling  Rector , Rosy Mantle, Royal Gold, Sander′s White, Schoolgirl, Seagull, Summer Wine, Veilchenblau, Warm Welcome, Wedding Day, White Cockade, Zephirine Drouhin…

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