A garden without vertical arrangements is an incomplete garden. Without climbing plants, it is impossible to imagine a single park in the city. All styles in the landscaping of the gardens plus vertical landscaping is the perfect solution to add volume to the gardens.

In vertical gardening, there are several significant advantages. Lianas are capable of decorating unsightly buildings, arbors, arches, pergolas, and blank walls of buildings in a short time at minimal cost (money and man-labor). By the way, such a feature is more than ever needed in urban environments. A fantastic selection of climbing plants allows you to play any soul, the option of designing verticals. For example, the colorful and picturesque foliage, the abundance of flowering masses, the richness of the color of flowers, fruits and the dynamic appearance of plants (rapid vertical or horizontal direction of plants).

Examples of flowering vines:

  • Clematis Jacquman, clematis woolly, clematis purple  
  • A bed of cucumber in vertical gardening
  • Climbing roses
  • Tecoma rooting
  • Perfoliate Honeysuckle, Honeysuckle Thalmann, honeysuckle evergreen

Liana with beautiful fruit:

  • celastrus rotundifolia
  • Schisandra
  • Perfoliate Honeysuckle, Woodbine Honeysuckle
  • Certain types of grapes

Vines with colorful foliage:

  • Amur grape
  • Maiden grapes trizaostrenny, Parthenocissus quinquefolia f . Engelman, grapes maiden trizaosterny f. Veichi
  • Aristolochia large-leaved, Aristolochia Manchurian, aristolochia felt
  • Vinogradovik akonitolistny and other creepers

Capable of climbing high without backwater:

  • Maiden grape five-leaf f. Engelman, a girl’s grape with a triza point f. Veitch
  • ivy, ivy Colchis
  • Hydrangea scansorial

Vertical gardening functions

  1. Decoration objects
  2. masking unsightly buildings
  3. Organization and insulation recreation
  4. Creating optimal climatic conditions

all of the intended vertical gardening take into account many factors. Plants must be selected for the function and appearance of buildings and structures, for their orientation to the cardinal points and the number of floors. Vines should highlight, emphasize and strengthen the architectural design of the building. Often, continuous vertical gardening, in addition to adding volume to the garden, hides ugly structures underneath and becomes an integral part of a poorly decorated building or a blank wall.

Vertical gardening is an ideal solution to add volume to the garden with pergolas, arches, arbors, and other garden structures twined with plants. A variety of verticals often become an excellent background for plants and buildings. In the country garden, verticals are also drawn up with vegetables: cucumbers, lagenariya, pumpkins, peas, grapes, beans, etc. and this is not only pleasant, but also useful. After all, the landscape design of the garden plus vegetables in vertical gardening is a classic in a summer cottage. Of course, other items can contribute to the garden. But this requires cash and labor costs.

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