Roses in the world of flowers have a reputation for being quite whimsical plants. As a result of the fact that the composition of the earth is not suitable for rose bushes, you can observe their various reactions to it. For example, poor growth of young shoots, an avaricious number of buds, incomplete opening of flowers, their deformation, yellowing and wilting of leaves, shoots. In the ground, you will not see the problems that arise in the root system of roses due to poor soil composition: young roots, decay, drying out do not grow. In addition, poor soil for roses can be the habitat of bacterial, fungal diseases, pest larvae and their adults. In general, due to inadequate soil, the rose grower may experience much more problems than other reasons known to him. Next, we describe those aspects that you need to control in the soil, so that your roses grow comfortably and delight in abundant flowering and excellent health. 

Soil for roses and pH

pH shows us how much soil for roses on the plot or in the pot is acidic or alkaline. The pH level affects how well the roses get their nutrients. Too low a level will not fully absorb the usefulness and no matter how many times you will feed them. At one time, it will not work to fix the state of acidified or too alkaline. This adjustment will have to be done several times. Therefore, before planting a rose in open ground, check its pH and change in the right direction. The optimal soil pH level for roses should be 6.0 – 7.0. 

The texture of the earth for roses The

earth for roses should pass water and air well, and retain moisture so long that the flowers have enough time to absorb it as much as possible. Ideally, this is loamy soil. Clay soil will cause water logging of the roots and cause rotting, and sandy soil will not allow roses to become saturated with moisture. Such soils also correct. Compost, rotted manure, and not sand are added to the clay soil, which helps on the contrary to compact it even more. Organic additives contribute to the crushing of the dense soil structure due to decomposition processes. Light sandy soils are improved in the same way. 

Enriching the soil for roses

We are constantly trying to enrich the soil on the site by adding mineral, organic and vitamin fertilizers. In order to give the right fertilizer to the soil with roses, you need to know its chemical composition. Large agricultural enterprises before planting something check the composition of the land using tests in laboratories. Such accurate results are in most cases unavailable to the ordinary gardener due to their high cost. The first thing you can do is to observe the plants already growing around. If they grow well, bloom and develop, most likely the state of the soil is more or less close to normal. If not, you will have to add some nutrients. You can how plants signal a lack of elements read about in an article about this. 

In order not to be dependent on the fertilizer cycle, you can periodically introduce rotted organic matter and mineral additives mixed with the soil. This enrichment of the soil for roses and other plants to a large extent eliminates the need for continuous fertilizer application. Moreover, this method of land improvement on the site is more useful for plants and for the environment. 

It is difficult to recommend something specifically to you and your site regarding improving the composition of the soil, but if you apply phosphoric fertilizers, then give the plants the opportunity to better develop the root system. So they can quickly develop well. The most famous phosphorus fertilizer from time immemorial is bone meal. For 1 rose bush you will need ½ – 1 cup of such flour before planting. Even before planting, it is worth adding nitrogen-containing substances. However, if organic overripe compost or manure was used, then it is no longer necessary to add additional production fertilizers to the soil for roses in a pot / open ground. 

Do not forget about such important elements as magnesium and potassium, sulfur. They help plants grow and develop, bloom profusely, ripen. Add such fertilizers to the soil ½ cup per bush. You can not sprinkle bushes, especially in hot and sunny weather, so as not to burn the leaves. 

Mulching the soil for roses in pots/open ground

Having put in order the soil for rose bushes and planting the flower itself, you can mulch the soil around it. Use organic mulch. It will inhibit weed growth, keep cool and retain moisture, and continue to nourish the soil as it decomposes. Mulch should cover the entire root zone, but around the base of the bush it is better to leave a circle without it. The accumulation of mulch in a circle can cause rotting of the shoots, and hide in itself rodents and insects pests.  

Enjoy your cultivation and healthy soil!

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