Spring is the time for active interaction with the garden and flower beds for the gardener. It will be about early spring, when the snow has just come down and the plants are just beginning to wake up. It is not a secret for those who take care of their plot on their own that there is a lot of work and the future result depends on how well it is done. So, down with winter laziness and forward to success! 

What to do with roses in early spring?

To begin with, winters are different in each climate zone. We must pay attention to climatic changes in order to get beautiful and magnificent bloom in roses from the end of May until mid-autumn. And we recommend starting with a detailed inspection of the entire garden. As soon as the snow has fallen, it is worth walking along it and cleaning. Just go carefully if you grow early spring flowers: snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, muscari and others. In early spring, roses are beginning to be phased out with roses


The next step will be pruning the plants. In early spring, grapes are cut in the garden, for example. You can clean conifers. In roses, frost-bitten and damaged parts are trimmed at this time. The main pruning of roses is best done after a constant positive temperature is established at night. Otherwise, you run the risk of frostbite below the slices buds that have grown in growth and get an empty short shoot without flowering. In addition, the main pruning of the rose must meet the pruning requirements of the group to which it belongs. 

On a note! Do not loosen the ground in early spring, because not all plants have already sprouted! Pull weeds and that’s it!

March is the time for the first treatment of the garden against pests and diseases. These climbing, crawling and flying insect pests wake up early, and if the winter was warm, then they probably did not sleep at all. In addition, all sorts of fungi, bacteria and viruses also begin their activities early. Treat the plants with aqueous solutions of the preparations until completely wet on a warm, calm day. Remember to spray your roses in early spring.

In March, many of us spend the first fertilizing with solid fertilizers in the snow. And it is right. It will melt, and the resulting water will dissolve the fertilizer. If the winter was snowless, sprinkle fertilizer and water it abundantly, and spring rains will help you complete this task. If there is no rain, you will have to water the garden yourself, so that the soil is saturated with fertilizers. The first fertilizers should consist mostly of nitrogen, which helps plants build green mass. For roses, garden centers offer many different top dressings. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather!

On a note! Liquid fertilizers are best used when the plants are already fully awake and actively growing. Then they manage to fully consume the entire concentration of fertilizer that you gave them. 

The results. March and roses

Early spring for roses is a period of awakening, and it is important that it passes for them painlessly and gradually. March is a moody month, and you have to be very careful and attentive to the weather. Then your garden will bloom with all the colors and will be fragrant with all the aromas that you put into it. If you are afraid to cut and yank something in it, do not cut or yank. Get out and feed! Roses of this will be enough in early spring. For a single law for a gardener – DO NOT HARM!

Enjoy your cultivation and simple chores in the garden!

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