Toilet paper is an ordinary thing, but what would happen if it had not died? We do not think about it because there are also newspapers, magazines, scribbled notebooks, used office paper, books and checks, in the end. But what if these things become completely virtual? Well, maybe burdock will save us. But what if you start growing plants in your garden that can replace toilet paper. 

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We love soft, yet pleasantly smelling toilet paper. And the leaves of such plants are also composted easily, some even softer. Previously, they used what was at hand. Modern toilet paper is a little over a century old. Rich before her appearance, they used fabrics and washed, and the poor – leaves. 

List of plants that will replace toilet paper

  • Mullein common
  • cleanser Byzantine
  • mallow
  • Indian coleus
  • tropical hydrangea
  • aster large-leaved
  • plectrantus

These plants are usually non-toxic. But some people may show increased sensitivity to them. Before trying, try them on your hand or wrist. After 24 hours, a reaction should appear. 

What plants would you use? Write in the comments.

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