Winter and summer pruning of roses

In addition, that the pruning of roses of each of the groups is different, the timing of pruning for them is still different.

Pruning roses for the winter

Pruning roses in winter is best done from mid-February to mid-March. It depends on the weather conditions that prevail in the area. Only in the spring pruning is carried out in the middle belt and in the northern regions.

Pruning rose bushes from December to January (too early) can lead to frost damage to the formed rose growth. And pruning roses in April (too late) often causes roses to spend extra energy on the restoration, just cropped growth.

The best time for pruning rose bushes is when the growth buds begin to swell in the middle of the powerful stems.

After pruning, the soil around the rose bushes must necessarily be covered. This must be done so that the plant can receive sufficient nutrition. As mulch use well-bred manure or compost.

If you notice on the plants damaged by frost young growth, you should cut the main stems to sleeping buds.

Summer pruning of roses

This is the process of timely removal from the bushes of faded flowers or inflorescences, which continues throughout the flowering period.

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Correctly cut inflorescences are those that are cut to a strong shoot that is oriented outward, or on the kidney below the inflorescence.

But among the roses there are varieties, in which the fruits are decorative. These roses should be left with flowers. True, most roses prefer to remove them. Such an action prevents the consumption of food for unnecessary seed formation. It also allows you to destroy a possible source of the disease. Stimulates growth and flowering in re-flowering roses (remontant).

Important! Never cut the branch lower than it is absolutely necessary, and not more than 1-2 long stems from one bush. Otherwise, you risk loosening the rose, and partially rid it of the formation of leaves.

At the end of summer, the faded flowers should be cut in smaller quantities. And it is better, to stop completely delivering roses from shrunken flowers, so as not to stimulate the formation of shoots, which in winter can suffer from frosts.

Some varieties of tea-hybrid roses, rose-floribunda and climbing roses can have shoots that never bloom. This type of shoots are called blind – they must be cut as they appear. In this way, strong budding from the kidneys located below is stimulated. If this is not done, the quantity and quality of the flowers will deteriorate. In addition to summer and winter pruning, the autumn pruning of rose bushes is applied. It is used everywhere. Cut long stems 15-30 cm to prevent possible damage.

So, you now know how the summer pruning of roses is performed, as well as cutting roses for the winter. We recommend to read The correct scheme of pruning roses.

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